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If you occasionally or frequently suffer from oral lesions in Fairfax, the dentists at Dental One Associates of Woodson Square can provide you with practical help that includes traditional treatments and laser dentistry treatment options for these problems. Lesions can affect your appearance and your ability to show off a brilliant and beautiful smile. Our team offers timely and affordable solutions for lesions and many other dental problems. We can deliver the right oral lesions treatment solutions for you and any other member of your family. Give us a call for an appointment if you suspect you have an oral lesion or are suffering from a different dental problem.

The Basics of Dental Lesions

Oral lesions can be caused by injuries to the soft tissues of your mouth, gums or lips or by infections from bacteria or viruses. The dentists at Dental One Associates of Woodson Square can often provide advanced treatment options that can resolve issues with pain and can improve your appearance to a significant degree. Give us a call today at (571) 364-7943 to learn more about the best ways to address these issues effectively.

Types of Oral Lesions

At Dental One Associates of Woodson Square, we can treat all types of oral lesions with advanced treatment options. Some of the most common issues our patients report to our dental team include the following:

  • HPV, more formally referred to as the human papillomavirus, is a common sexually transmitted disease that can affect the mouth, throat and lips. Excising the lesions associated with oral HPV can prevent them from spreading in some cases. HPV lesions must be removed promptly to prevent the development of cancerous cells in the affected areas.
  • Hemangiomas are a type of birthmark that can appear anywhere on the body. These lesions are usually not painful. They can, however, cause embarrassment or difficulty in chewing for patients who develop these birthmarks inside the mouth or on the gums.
  • Aphthous ulcers are more commonly referred to as canker sores. These oral lesions can be very painful and can interfere with normal chewing and swallowing. Excising canker sores can eliminate these problems for our patients in Fairfax.
  • Cold sores are the result of infections with the herpes simplex virus. Type 1 herpes usually affect the mouth and lips. The lesions associated with cold sores look like blisters and can be extremely painful if they break open to expose damaged tissue. Removing cold sores can speed recovery from these unsightly issues.

If you or any member of your family are suffering from these or other types of oral lesions, give Dental One Associates of Woodson Square a call today at (571) 364-7943 to discuss your oral lesions treatment options. We offer laser dentistry for oral lesions to help you manage these problems more effectively today and every day.

Understanding Your Options

If you are interested in treating your dental lesions effectively, the dental team at Dental One Associates of Woodson Square can provide you with a range of treatment options that include the following:

  • Topical treatments that address the problem and dry up lesions
  • Antiviral medications that can sometimes be quite expensive
  • Laser dentistry treatment for dental lesions

While some over-the-counter medications may claim to produce results, we do not recommend these treatment options. Home remedies rarely work effectively and could even cause issues with medications you take for other conditions.

Why Choose Laser Dentistry Solutions for Lesions?

Laser dentistry offers some real advantages for our patients, including the following:

  • Laser therapies are much less invasive than comparable surgeries and pose a lower risk of damaging healthy tissue.
  • Recovery times are shorter than with most surgical procedures.
  • Our patients typically experience much less pain with laser therapy than with surgical excision of lesions.
  • Treatment times can be as short as 30 minutes, which can save you time on treating these issues.
  • Anesthesia use is minimized. Additionally, laser therapy for lesions can also reduce pain after the procedure to limit or eliminate the need for prescription pain medications that could interact with other drugs or could cause issues with dependency in vulnerable individuals.

The Laser Dentistry Process

The lasers we use at Dental One Associates of Woodson Square are designed specifically to remove damaged or infected tissue while leaving healthy tissue in place. This will typically reduce the time needed to recover from your procedure. We will schedule your laser treatment after examining your lesions and determining the most likely cause for your pain. Your laser treatment will typically take an hour or less. Most of our patients experience relief from pain immediately after the procedure is complete.

If you are interested in treatment for dental lesions or for any other conditions that may be affecting your health or your ability to smile with confidence, you can call Dental One Associates of Woodson Square at (571) 364-7943 to set up your first appointment with us. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you and your family with practical and affordable solutions for all your dental care needs in Fairfax.

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