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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly half of all Americans over age 30 have periodontal disease. Gingivitis is the first stage of periodontal disease and it occurs when plaque builds up at the base of your teeth.

Plaque collects bacteria which may then infect your gums. Fortunately, gingivitis is treatable by a gum disease specialist, and it is reversible before your teeth start becoming loose. Healthy gums are just as important as healthy teeth since gums hold your teeth in place. If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth or they are swollen, get in touch with our dental office immediately before any permanent damage occurs. Call our office at (571) 364-7212 to schedule an initial appointment with our periodontist in Springfield. We look forward to serving you.

Do Periodontists Treat Gum Diseases?

Yes, a periodontist is a gum disease expert. They are dentists who have at least two years of additional training in a periodontics residency, where they become proficient in diagnosing and treating gum diseases. Periodontists also perform dental implant placements and provide periodontal disease treatment. Periodontics is a combination of two Greek words: “perio” which means around and “dontic” for tooth. Periodontics in Springfield may include the following surgical and non-surgical periodontal services.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

When plaque isn’t properly removed from teeth, it can build up at the gum line. Since gum disease is caused by the bacteria in plaque that attacks tooth enamel. It can causes cavities; however, if it attacks the gums, they may not be able to hold the tooth in place well, causing a loose tooth.

Dental Implant Placement

Implants are replacement teeth that a periodontist attaches to your jawbone with a metal post that acts as the original root, so the jawbone remains intact. Typically made of ceramic or porcelain, the implants look and act just like your other teeth. Implants are a permanent solution for one or more missing teeth. READ MORE

Crown Lengthening

The crown is the top of the tooth. Removing excess gum around the crown allows a periodontist to snugly place a crown. Removing excess gum tissue can be done for cosmetic reasons, to expose a greater amount of tooth.

Gummy Smile Surgery

This surgical procedure reduces the gums for a better smile. If you have a low gum line, call our periodontist in Springfield to see how easy it is to have a smile with a uniform gum line that shows more teeth. Additionally, removing excess gum exposes more of the tooth surface for brushing, enhancing oral health.

Soft Tissue Graft/Gum Graft

Gums can recede, exposing the tooth root. Gum grafting covers the root and stops gum loss, protecting the root from decay.

Oral Pathology and Oral Cancer Diagnosis

Our periodontist can perform a biopsy if necessary and will send the tissue samples to a lab for an examination under a microscope. If the results show that cancer is present, our gum disease expert will discuss the diagnosis with you and explain available oral cancer treatments. Tobacco use has traditionally been linked to cases of oral cancer; however, more cases are now being linked to HPV infections.

Our patients’ comfort is very important to us; we want your procedure to be as pain-free as possible. Our periodontist will discuss your options for sedation, which include nitrous oxide (laughing gas) as our periodontist and support staff understand that you may be anxious or have concerns. Call our periodontics office to schedule an initial appointment and we’ll make sure that you feel comfortable during every part of your visit.

Where Can I Find a Periodontist Near Me?

If your dentist tells you that you have gingivitis or you are experiencing symptoms of gum disease, call our periodontist at Dental One Associates of Springfield today at (571) 364-7212. After an examination, our gum disease specialist will explain your diagnosis and your periodontal condition, suggest treatment plans,and outline the pros and cons of each treatment option.

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