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woman with toothache

Emergency Dentist in Northern Virginia

woman with toothache

Although you may like surprises, that probably doesn’t extend to your teeth and your mouth. No one likes surprises like a knocked-out tooth, pain from an orthodontic appliance, or cracking a tooth while eating. The fact is, however, that these events and more occur with amazing frequency and invariably when it’s least convenient.

If you’re gathering emergency phone numbers to add to your emergency preparedness list, you’ll need the number of an emergency dentist to add as well as the number and location of your local emergency room. A list of emergency contacts and numbers can be invaluable when you have an emergency, and they can drastically lower your stress level. However, many people aren’t sure what constitutes an emergency. If you’re one of them, the following information may help.

Do You Need an Emergency Dentist in Northern Virginia?

There are several indicators that you have an emergency. The determining factor can be the amount of damage that can result if the issue isn’t addressed without delay. The following list encompasses the six most common dental emergencies we see:

  1. Abscessed teeth
    An abscessed tooth isn’t technically an emergency because it shouldn’t have happened. Usually, it takes weeks, months, or even years for a tooth to become abscessed. However, a tooth can occasionally become abscessed in as little as a day or two. If you have an abscessed tooth, get it treated without delay because it can be life-threatening.
  2. Broken tooth
    Fractured or broken teeth often occur due to trauma, which can include eating hard foods like nuts or ice, or a fall or trauma event. They should be treated as soon as possible, but if it’s after hours, you may be able to wait until the following business day. Each case is evaluated and treated independently, so there’s no definitive answer. If you have questions, call your emergency dentist or local emergency room for information.
  3. Knocked-out tooth
    If your tooth has been knocked out, you should see a dentist immediately. Rinse the tooth with warm water and then replace it in the socket. Hold it there and call our Northern Virginia emergency dental office. If it’s after hours, then go to your local ER. When a knocked-out tooth is treated promptly, it can often be saved, and you’ll eliminate the need for an artificial tooth.
  4. Lost or loose crown or filling
    If you’ve lost a crown or filling, or if you have a loose crown or filling, you should seek immediate treatment. A loose crown or filling can be re-cemented, but if you’ve lost a crown or filling, you need to replace it so that the inside of your tooth doesn’t become contaminated and start the decay process.
  5. Orthodontic device causing pain
    If you have orthodontic appliances, especially braces, you shouldn’t be in pain if they fit properly. However, sometimes things happen, and you can experience changes in the structure of your teeth and gums. If you’re experiencing pain from your orthodontic appliance, then go to the ER or call your Northern Virginia emergency dentist without delay. Particularly in the case of braces, they shouldn’t be painful if they fit correctly, and they won’t work as intended if they don’t fit correctly.
  6. Severe toothache or pressure
    If you have a severe toothache or pressure, then you have an emergency and should contact your emergency dentist or go to the local emergency room.

What Do You Consider to Be a Dental Emergency?

Any situation that causes severe pain or can potentially cause long-term or permanent physical or dental damage is considered an emergency. Although pain is subjective, we all feel it. If the function of an orthodontic appliance is compromised, then you have an emergency and should call your Northern Virginia emergency dentist or go to the nearest emergency room.

Does Pain Constitute a Dental Emergency?

 Absolutely! Although everyone experiences pain differently, we all experience it. If you’re in severe pain, then you have an emergency. If it’s simply a minor irritation, then it may be able to wait until the following day. You’re the best judge of your degree of pain but if you have questions, call your emergency dentist or your local ER.

Where Can I Find an Emergency Dentist in Northern Virginia?

 If you need the contact information for an emergency dentist, then call Dental One Associates of Virginia at , and we can help you. We’ll work with you to provide the emergency care you need, so don’t hesitate to call us.

Should I Go to the ER Rather Than an Emergency Dentist?

Some emergency situations may adversely impact physical health as well as dental health. If you have any of the following, then you have an emergency that may require ER services:

  • Severe bleeding
  • Severe swelling
  • Sudden injury, especially to the face, head, jaw, or teeth

 If you have experienced sudden trauma to any part of your head, then you need to get to the ER immediately so that you eliminate a possible concussion or other severe physical damage.

Most emergency rooms have a dentist on staff or on call, so if you have a dental emergency, they can treat it. However, if your emergency also involves a medical issue, then they’ll be able to treat that at the emergency room. You may also need to contact your dentist at a later date, but you can receive all the treatment you need at the nearest emergency room.

Call Us Today If You Have a Dental Emergency

Many dental emergencies can be prevented with a regimen of good oral hygiene. However, sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. When this occurs, having the number of your Northern Virginia emergency dentist on hand can greatly reduce your stress level.

If you need emergency dental treatment during regular business hours, call our office today and let us help you. We look forward to speaking with you and working with you.

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