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At our general dental office, our patients and their dental health are always our top priority. A healthy smile is an attractive smile, and both are possible through our patient centered general dentistry services. Call us to arrange an appointment with our general dentist, who will develop a customized treatment plan just for you.

What Is General Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry covers dental services for the whole family, performed by a general dentist and his or her support team. These services include routine exams, and diagnosing and treating a broad range of dental diseases and conditions. The dentist coordinates your dental health to ensure you receive all of the care that you need for healthy teeth and gums.

What Does a Dentist General Practice Do?

Relieving tooth pain is a very important part of what a dentist does, especially to people suffering from a toothache. Dentists do far more, however. They furnish proactive medicine so their patients do not suffer from toothaches in the first place. Dentists at a general practice also suggest cosmetic procedures that would improve the appearance of their patient’s smile.

General Dentistry Services

We typically serve all of our patients’ dental care needs with the following services:

How Often Do I Need Preventative Dental Care?

Regular dental cleanings and preventative exams are essential to maintaining excellent oral health and hygiene. We suggest that you visit us twice a year if you are a healthy adult. Contact us to arrange a teeth cleaning and checkup.

How Do I Arrange an Appointment with a General Dentist Near Me?

Contact us and a friendly staff member will arrange an appointment for you that fits into your hectic schedule. We can also arrange for everyone in your family to be seen in one morning or afternoon for your convenience.

How Long Does Seeing a General Dentist Take?

Our comprehensive services vary in the amount of time they take, as our dentist will not proceed until you are comfortable and relaxed. Please ask us for an estimate when you call for an appointment.

How Much Do Dentists Charge?

We will gladly explain any costs you will incur at our office before your appointment. When you call to schedule your initial visit, we will let you know the cost.

Do I Need to Do Any Preparation Prior to My Dentist Visit?

If you have previous dental records, it would be helpful, but it is not required. Write down any medicines that you currently take and be sure to bring your insurance card if you have dental insurance.

What Happens If I Procrastinate and Never See a Dentist?

Procrastination is usually expensive. Small cavities and other issues never get better by themselves; they turn into larger, more expensive problems that take longer to treat. If you are apprehensive about seeing a dentist after procrastinating for such a long time, do not worry as we see many patients who are seeing a dentist for the first time in years. Contact us to arrange an appointment for your checkup today.


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