At our emergency dental office, we know that the need for urgent dental care rarely occurs at a convenient time. We understand that needing emergency dental attention isn’t something that you can plan for. If you need emergency dental care for tooth pain or a broken tooth, please contact us right away. Emergency dentists in Northern Virginia are experts at the assessment and treatment of dental emergencies from lost fillings to severe toothaches.

Where to Find an Emergency Dentist

If you’re conducting an online search for, “emergency dentist near me,” the odds are good that you require assistance now. Our emergency dental office sets aside office hours so that a patient who is experiencing a dental-related emergency can get help quickly. The faster you receive emergency dental care, the faster you’ll get relief from your distressing situation. Emergency dentists are available to help patients who are searching for the terms, “emergency dental office near me.”

What is a Dental Emergency?

Any dental problem that can’t wait for treatment can be classified as an emergency. If you have pain in a tooth that isn’t getting better from basic self-care, you probably want help fast. Our emergency dental office does our best to see patients who need emergency dental care on the same day they call whenever possible. You can depend on skilled emergency dentists for a wide variety of emergency dental services. If you’ve found us through a search for, “emergency dental office near me,” please call us today. We can repair chipped teeth and perform emergency extractions when required. Additionally, emergency dentists can:

  • Supply emergency dental care for painful toothaches
  • Provide relief from pain due to impacted wisdom teeth
  • Put loose fillings or crowns back into place
  • Alleviate pain from braces or other orthodontic devices
  • Fix loose brackets or broken orthodontic wires

If you’re wondering, “Who can I call for emergency dental care near me?” please give us a call. Our compassionate, friendly staff is here to provide urgent dental care for our valued patients.

Do You Need Dental Care Right Now?

Are you unsure whether what you’re experiencing is a dental emergency? Here are a few conditions or symptoms that can require emergency dental attention.

Cracked or Chipped Teeth

Suffering from a cracked or chipped tooth is a frequent reason why patients seek the help of emergency dentists in Northern Virginia. This type of injury to the tooth requires prompt dental care to stop an infection from developing.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Getting a tooth knocked out can be very upsetting. Unexpected tooth loss can be caused by a blunt-force impact to the tooth on the sports field, for example. If you obtain care for the tooth immediately, it’s possible that it can be put back into place.

Acute Toothache Pain

You might feel pain in a tooth when you chew that can linger even after you have finished eating. The acute pain felt during chewing might be caused by tooth decay or a crack in the tooth. If you feel pain even when you aren’t chewing, you may have an infection.

Sensitive teeth

If your teeth are almost unbearably sensitive, you may benefit from emergency treatment because a crack or other problem with the tooth may be causing the sensitivity. Some sensitivity is normal, but a sudden onset or increase in sensitivity is not, so call out office right away.


If you have pain that you think might be from one or more cavities in your teeth, don’t put off getting treatment. Emergency dentists can identify the cause of the pain and provide pain-relieving treatment that can also help preserve your teeth.

Abscessed Tooth

An infection of the gum or tooth can develop into an abscess, which is a painful and serious condition. It’s important to get help as soon as possible for an abscess to prevent the infection from spreading.

Missing or Loose Fillings

If a filling falls out or becomes loose, it can require the attention of an emergency dentist. Call us during business hours to make an appointment to replace the filling.

Lost Dental Crowns or Restorations

If you have lost or broken a crown or restoration, your teeth are left exposed and susceptible to damage and discomfort. Call us right away to see an emergency dentist.

Pain from Braces

If your braces or other orthodontic device is causing you pain that can’t wait for your next visit with the orthodontist, one of our skilled dentists can help. Whether a wire is sticking out too far and hurting your cheek or a bracket is loose, an emergency dentist can help.

Tooth Grinding

Did you discover that you grind your teeth while you sleep? If you grind your teeth, the enamel can wear down, and you might suffer from jaw pain and even cracked teeth. Contact a dentist for emergency tooth pain relief.

Sinus Pain or Pressure

If you feel sinus pain, its cause might be dental-related. A dentist can assess the source of your sinus pain, which can be anything from an infection to impacted wisdom teeth, and offer a suggestion for treatment.

What to Do for More Serious Problems

Are you wondering, “Should I seek emergency dental care near me or call 911?” Some symptoms and conditions require immediate and specialized attention. If any of the following conditions apply to you or you have an after-hours dental emergency, immediately contact an oral surgeon, general physician or medical emergency room.

  • Pain or bleeding caused by severe infection or trauma
  • Severe swelling of your gums or face
  • An impact or injury to your face, head or jaw

How Much Does an Emergency Dental Visit Cost?

Your cost for emergency dental services will vary. It depends on what problem you are experiencing and what needs to be done to treat it. When you visit our office for care, we’ll let you know the cost upfront and discuss the available options for low-cost dental care from our emergency dentists.

We take most kinds of dental insurance, but if you need emergency dental care without insurance, you might be interested in the DentRite® discount plan that offers savings on many dental procedures.

We Also Offer Root Canal Therapy

The canal below a tooth that contains the tooth’s roots can become painfully infected. It’s important to treat the infection with a root canal procedure to relieve the pain and resolve the infection before it can spread. This type of therapy for the root canal can prevent a painful and dangerous abscess from developing. Contact us for more information about root canal therapy in children under 12 as well as for adults and older children.

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